Why Do Canadians Move to the U.S.?

As they are our English speaking neighbors to the North, it may come as no surprise that there is significant movement between the U.S. and Canada. Some Canadians look to resettle in the U.S. and some Americans go North to resettle in Canada. The reasons are varied as are the visa and citizenship options for those looking to move.

From Canada to the United States

The amount of Canadians who look to move to the United States fluctuates over time. There are periods where there is a much higher influx of Canadian immigrants and sometimes there is a bit of a lull. For instance, back in the beginning of 1867, there was a large draw of Canadians into the U.S. The reason for this was that these Canadians, mainly those located in Eastern Canada, were looking to come to the U.S. to work in the booming manufacturing industry. Since then, there have continued to be ups and downs regarding the number of Canadians moving to the U.S. Things such as the creation of the NAFTA Professional Visa (TN Visa) allowed Canadians employed in a variety of professional occupations a clear pathway to moving to the U.S. These types of developments have further encouraged Canadians moving to the U.S.

The reasons why Canadians look to move to the U.S. are numerous and varied. Often, Canadian students looking to enroll in U.S. institutions of higher education. In fact, Canadian students represent the fifth largest foreign student group in U.S. higher education. Additionally, many skilled or highly educated professionals wish to relocate to the U.S. for work using something like a TN Visa or an H-1B visa to accomplish this. Canadians are one of the largest groups of individuals to receive employer-sponsored H-1B visas. Others move to be closer to family members who may have relocated to the U.S. There is also a significant number of Canadian retirees or “snowbirds” (as they are commonly called) who come to the U.S. drawn to the warmer climates of the South.

What About Those Who Move from the U.S. to Canada?

There are many things in Canada that would make a potential move attractive to someone in the U.S. Canada is viewed as a particularly immigrant-friendly country. Compared to other countries, Canadian immigration rules are more relaxed. Canada is one of the few countries that have not imposed reduced quotas for new immigrants. Additionally, Canada has an extensive range of programs that are available to new immigrants. New immigrants have access to help in obtaining a work permit and there is assistance for out-of-country students.

There are also substantial perks to living in Canada. Canadian citizens and permanent residents receive free basic healthcare. Canadian citizens also enjoy Visa-free travel to many countries across the world. There are also numerous job opportunities, especially in highly demanded categories. Skilled foreign workers are desperately sought after in Canada. In fact, there is a significant ongoing labor shortage in the country. Canada also has great educational opportunities and is notorious for being a safe and secure country. It has low levels of violent crimes and its political stability make it attractive to many looking to relocate to a different country.

U.S.-Canada Immigration Attorneys

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