Beginning with the October Visa Bulletin, there are now two charts listing dates for each preference category and country of chargeability: (1) An “Application Final Action Dates” chart (“Final Action Date”); and (2) a “Dates for Filing Applications” chart (“Filing Date”). USCIS has also issued a fact sheet describing the new procedures. Previously, the Visa Bulletin only listed a single chart of cut-off dates, which was the same as the newly labeled “Final Action Date” chart.

Availability Of Immigrant Visa Numbers For March 2024

A. Application Final Action Dates For Family-Sponsored Categories
WorldwideChina (Mainland Born)IndiaMexicoPhilippines
F1Unmarried Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens2/8/20152/8/2015 2/8/20155/1/20013/1/2012
F2 Spouses & Unmarried Children of Permanent Resident – Subject to Per Country 6/22/20206/22/20206/22/20206/15/20206/22/2020
F2BUnmarried Sons & Daughters (21 years of age of older) of Permanent Residents)11/22/201511/22/201511/22/201510/22/200310/22/2011
F3Married Sons & Daughters of U. S. Citizens10/1/200910/1/200910/1/20099/8/19986/8/2002
F4Brother & Sister of Adult U. S. Citizens6/8/20076/8/200712/15/200510/15/20006/15/2003
B. Dates For Filing Family-Sponsored Visa Applications
WorldwideChina (Mainland Born)IndiaMexico Philippines
F1 Unmarried Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens9/1/20179/1/20179/1/20174/1/20054/22/2015
F2 Spouses & Unmarried Children of Permanent Resident – Subject to Per Country 9/1/20239/1/2023 9/1/20239/1/20239/1/2023
F2BUnmarried Sons & Daughters (21 years of age of older) of Permanent Residents)1/1/20171/1/20171/1/20178/1/200410/1/2013
F3Married Sons & Daughters of U. S. Citizens3/1/20103/1/20103/1/20106/15/200111/8/2003
F4Brother & Sister of Adult U.S. Citizens3/1/2008 3/1/20082/22/20064/15/20014/22/2004
A. Application Final Action Dates For Employment-Based Categories
WorldwideChina (Mainland Born)IndiaMexicoPhilippines
EB1Priority WorkersC7/15/202210/1/2020CC
EB2Professionals Holding Advanced Degree or Persons of Exceptional Ability11/22/20221/1/20203/1/201211/22/202211/22/2022
EB3Skilled Workers & Professionals9/8/20229/1/20207/1/20129/8/20229/8/2022
EB3Other Workers (Unskilled Workers)9/1/20201/1/20177/1/20129/8/20205/1/2020
EB4Certain Special Immigrants12/1/201912/1/201912/1/201912/1/201912/1/2019
EB4Certain Religious Workers (SR)12/1/201912/1/201912/1/201912/1/201912/1/2019
EB5Unreserved (C5, T5, I5 AND R5)C12/15/201512/1/2020CC
EB5Set Asides: Rural (20%)CCCCC
EB5 High Unemployment (10%)CCCCC
EB5Infra-Structure (2%)CCCCC
B. Dates For Filing Of Employment-Based Visa Applications
Worldwide China (Mainland born)IndiaMexicoPhilippines
EB1 Priority Workers C1/1/20231/1/2021CC
EB2 Professionals Holding Advanced Degree or Persons of Exceptional Ability2/15/20236/1/20205/15/20122/15/20232/15/2023
EB3Skilled Workers & Professionals2/1/20237/1/20218/1/20122/1/20231/1/2023
EB3Other Workers (Unskilled Workers)12/15/20206/1/20178/1/201212/15/20205/15/2020
EB4Certain Special Immigrants1/1/20201/1/20201/1/20201/1/20201/1/2020
EB4Certain Religious Workers (SR)1/1/20201/1/20201/1/20201/1/20201/1/2020
EB5 Non-Regional Center (C5,T5, I5 AND R5)C1/1/20174/1/2022CC
EB5Set Aside: (Rural - 20%)CCCCC
EB5Set Aside: (High Unemployment - 10%) CCCCC
EB5Set Aside: (Infrastructure - 2%)CCCCC

When To File Your Adjustment Of Status Application To File For Consular Processing For Family-Based Or Employment-Based Preference Visas.

Are you seeking to adjust your status and become a U.S. permanent resident under a family-sponsored or employment-based preference immigrant visa? If you have not yet had a relative or employer file an immigrant visa petition on your behalf, you can learn more about the Adjustment of Status Filing Process. If you already have a petition filed or approved on your behalf, you may have to wait for an available visa in your category (if applicable) before you can file your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. The linked page(s) will help you determine when to file your adjustment of status application: Adjustment of Status Filing Charts from the Visa Bulletin