What is a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit?

Are you trying to get authorization to travel to Canada, but are afraid that you will be denied entry due to certain things that may make you ineligible? You might want to go for a family event, such as a wedding or a funeral. You may want to attend something like a business conference. If you are otherwise ineligible to come to Canada, you still may be able to go by applying for a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit.

What is a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit?

When granted, a temporary resident permit (TRP) will allow a person otherwise inadmissible to Canada to come to the country to visit. TRPs are only given in situations where the need of the person to come to Canada is outweighed by the risk posed to Canada by being in the country. This means that your reason for coming to Canada must be compelling. Those who seek a TRP may be inadmissible to Canada due to criminal history or due to medical reasons. Therefore, the reasons they seek to come to Canada must outweigh the potential health and safety risks posed to Canada by them being in the country.

Canadian Border Service officers are tasked with approving TRPs. Applicants must demonstrate to the officers that they deserve the TRP. The officers will balance the purpose of the individual seeking to enter or remain in Canada with the objectives of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). Specific application procedures for a TRP will vary depending on where the person is applying from as Canadian visa offices located in each country may have their own specific requirements. There is a $200CAD non-refundable application fee for each TRP filed.

Some reasons that a person may be approved for a TRP in order to visit Canada includes work-related trips, such as professional conferences, where the TRP recipient’s presents in the country are likely to be beneficial to Canada or Canadian citizens. Business network events, or meeting with and fostering business relationships with Canadian companies and clients may also be considered compelling reasons for granting a TRP application. Personal events, such as a family funeral or wedding may also substantial the basis for granting a TRP application.

While a TRP recipient will be granted legal entry into Canada, they must leave Canada at the end of the authorized period of stay. They are not able to re-enter Canada without receiving prior authorization. During the stay, they are not able to work or study without the requisite work or study permit. Furthermore, the TRP holder is obligated to comply with the conditions imposed upon them by the TRP.

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