What are Some Factors that Would Prevent You From Getting a Green Card?

A permanent resident card, commonly referred to as a “green card,” authorizes a person to remain in the U.S. indefinitely. While it does not come with all of the rights enjoyed by those with full U.S. citizenship status, it still has many benefits and is often sought after. In fact, while numbers of people reaching the hundreds of thousands mark may be granted a U.S. green card annually, there are far more that apply for a green card but have their application denied. There are several common factors that contribute to such denials. We will review some of them here.

What are Some Factors that Would Prevent You from Getting a Green Card?

Applying for a green card is no simple task. In fact, the application requirements alone can prevent some people from getting a green card as they cannot figure out how to properly navigate the process. There is a high volume of paperwork that needs to be properly prepared and filled out. There are specific instructions that must be followed. Sometimes, it is too much for a person to comply with all of this. In turn, incorrect or incomplete forms end-up being submitted, the wrong fees are paid, and other mistakes are made. Sometimes, the applicant will receive a “Request for Evidence” as an opportunity to remedy an omission or clarify a mistake on an application, but this can still lead to substantial delays or outright denials if the correct information is not submitted in a timely manner.

Other times, it does not matter if an applicant submits a complete and correct green card application because the applicant actually has no grounds for being eligible for a green card pursuant to U.S. immigration laws. In order to be able to have a green card application approved, there must be a legal basis for it. You may qualify for a U.S. green card by having a close family member who is either a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. You may be eligible for a U.S. green card through an employer who sponsors you and the U.S. company has offered you a job. You must fall into an eligibility category in order to be granted your green card. These categories are narrowly defined and you must fully fit into a category.

There are green card applicants who may be technically eligible as they fit into an eligibility category, but they are denied their green card based on a separate basis of inadmissibility. There are a number of reasons a person may be found ineligible to obtain a green card. Those applying for a U.S. green card must be able to show that they do not pose a danger to the U.S. on a number of levels, including financially, security, criminally, or health-wise. This means that people with certain health conditions may be denied a green card. It also means that those who are unable to show income sufficient to cover household expenses and, thus, may need to access federal need-based benefit programs, may be denied green cards. It also means that those with certain criminal histories, that include things such as aggravated felonies, may be denied green cards.

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