USCIS Updates Policy on On-Site Inspections for Religious Worker Petitions

USCIS has updated its policy on on-site inspections for special immigrant and nonimmigrant religious worker petitions. The Immigration and Nationality Act allows qualified noncitizens to work for a nonprofit religious organization or affiliated organization as a minister or in a religious vocation or occupation. USCIS has the authority to verify evidence submitted with religious worker petitions and has previously used pre-approval compliance review on-site inspections to ensure compliance. However, after conducting a review, USCIS has determined that random on-site inspections will add value and program efficiencies to the overall process and help ensure program integrity. USCIS randomly selects religious worker petitions for compliance review on-site inspections, normally occurring after approval of the petition. Additionally, USCIS may conduct “for cause” inspections at any time in cases where there is suspected non-compliance or fraud. USCIS has updated its Policy Manual in Volume 2 and Volume 6 to reflect this change.

USCIS Policy Alert:

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