USCIS Updates Guidance on Voter Registration at Naturalization Ceremonies

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has made key updates to its Policy Manual regarding voter registration procedures at administrative naturalization ceremonies. These changes aim to ensure new U.S. citizens have immediate access to the voter registration process.

Key Points of the Updated Guidance:

Voter Registration Access: USCIS has emphasized its commitment to ensuring that every naturalization ceremony includes access to voter registration services. Attendees will be provided with information about how to register and relevant contact points for voting.

Involvement of Election Officials: Whenever possible, election officials from state or local government offices will be present at the ceremonies. Their role will be to distribute, collect, and review voter registration applications, facilitating the official registration of new citizens.

Coordination with NGOs: In the absence of government election officials, USCIS will work closely with non-partisan, non-governmental organizations to ensure voter registration services are provided.

On-site Organization Introduction: As feasible, organizations offering voter registration services will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and engage with naturalization candidates before the ceremony begins.

Additionally, to streamline this process and ensure consistency, USCIS has introduced the Form N-401, Voter Registration Services Attestation. This form allows non-governmental organizations to request participation in administrative naturalization ceremonies at specific field offices.

Why This Matters:

These updates underline the agency’s dedication to Executive Order 14019, “Promoting Access to Voting.” USCIS is actively taking steps to encourage new citizens to exercise their voting rights. The primary goal is to remove any potential barriers that could hinder new citizens from registering to vote during their naturalization ceremonies, and to make voter registration more accessible overall.

For a more detailed understanding of this update, you can refer to the official policy alert available in PDF format.

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