USCIS-ITServe Settlement Overturns 10 Years Of H-1B Visa Policies [Forbes]

• Foreign nationals on H-1B visas make it more likely U.S. workers will be employed, have better wage growth and other benefits, writes Stuart Anderson.

• Madeline Zavodny, an economic professor at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, led a study on behalf of the National Foundation for American Policy, and found that “H-1B visa holders do not adversely affect U.S. workers.”

• Some key findings from the study include:

o “An increase in the share of workers with an H-1B visa within an occupation, on average, reduces the unemployment rate in that occupation.”

o “…More H-1B visa holders leads to faster earnings growth for U.S. workers.”

• Why the positive benefits? Zavodny says H-1B visa holders likely reduce the offshoring of jobs.

Read the full study here