USCIS Incorporating Adoption Guidance into the Policy Manual

USCIS is creating a new volume in the USCIS Policy Manual for adoption-related guidance. The new Policy Manual volume consolidates and clarifies existing guidance from the USCIS Adjudicator’s Field Manual (AFM). CIS also consolidated and streamlined webpages on suitability determinations and home study requirements.

By clarifying eligibility and filing requirements, this publication begins to address some of the adoption-related comments we received in the Request for Public Input. This initial publication builds the framework for adoption guidance in the Policy Manual and will make it easier to incorporate additional policy updates in the future.

USCIS know transparency and timeliness are important to the adoption process, and look forward to improving transparency about policies to address stakeholder concerns while ensuring critical safeguards are in place to protect adoptive children.


The USCIS Policy Manual is their centralized online repository for their policies. You may go to the USCIS Policy Manual website to sign up for email updates on the Policy Manual. You may always submit feedback and suggestions for adoptions policy updates to or at the “Feedback” link provided directly on the manual. See our Policy Manual for Comment webpage for more information on submitting comments about the USCIS Policy Manual.

For additional information on intercountry adoption, visit Adoption webpages.

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