USCIS Decoupling Adjudication of EADs and Advance Paroles to Expedite EAD Issuance (AILA Source)

Over the last several days, AILA has received numerous reports from members that they are receiving approved employment authorization documents (EADs) that do not include advance parole (AP) travel authorization, even though the applicant had requested both benefits. When an applicant requested both an EAD and advance parole, USCIS had previously been issuing “combination cards” that included both employment and travel authorization in one document.

AILA has been advised by USCIS that the processing change is intentional as the agency is working through the EAD backlog and is prioritizing EAD adjudication as it seeks to avoid applicants experiencing a lapse or prolonged lapse in employment authorization. At present, there is no additional information available on the scope or duration of this procedural change.

AILA will reach out to USCIS to obtain more information about current EAD and advance parole adjudication procedures and provide updates as soon as they are available. Please note that even though an AP and EAD maybe adjudicated and issued together, USCIS is not obligated to do so.