USCIS Clarifies Guidance for Adopting a Child under the Hague Adoption Convention

Effective June 14, 2024, USCIS updated the Policy Manual (Volume 5, Part D) to provide clear requirements for prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) under the Hague Adoption Convention. This update aims to streamline the adoption process and ensure adherence to the Convention’s standards.

Key clarifications include:

  • Eligibility of Foreign-born Children: It explains how a child can qualify for adoption through the Hague process.
  • Immigration and Adoption Steps: PAPs must follow a specific order of steps and should not adopt or gain legal custody of a child before completing certain Hague process steps.
  • Adoption Service Providers: It details requirements for providers, including the necessity of a primary provider and protocols following loss of accreditation.

This update underscores USCIS’s commitment to the Hague Convention’s principles, ensuring the best interests of children are protected. For detailed information, visit the Hague Process webpage.

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