Until further notice, IRCC issued a public policy to exempt temporary resident applicants applying from within Canada from having to give their biometrics until further notice. The exemption applies to applicants applying for an extension of work permit, a new work permit, an extension of a study permit, a new study permit, a visitor visa, restoration of temporary resident status, and a temporary resident permit.

IRCC issued another public policy to provide an extension to apply for restoration of work or study permits beyond the current 90-day timeframe for foreign nationals in Canada. So former workers, students and visitors whose status expired after January 30, 2020 and who remained in Canada will now have until December 31, 2020 to apply to restore their status, provided they are meeting the requirements of the category they are applying to restore.

IRCC also announced that International students providing essential services are allowed to work for more than 20 hours until August 31, 2020. Further, the International students enrolled in Fall 2020, will not have any effect on the length of post graduate work permit for studies completed outside Canada between Fall 2020 to December 31, 2020. If the classes are completely on the online format due to Covid-19, the students are still eligible for Post-Graduation Work Permit.

With travel restrictions in place, applicants cannot travel from inside Canada to apply for visa or work permit at a port of entry or to provide biometrics in support of an application.

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