Update on Post-graduate work permit

Effective February 14, 2019, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC”) revised the Post-Graduation Work Permit (“PGWP”) program. Now, students have 180 days from the time the school issues final marks to apply for PGWP, in contrast to 90 days earlier. The students must have a valid study permit at “some point” during these 180 days. All PGWP applications received before February 14, 2019 will be adjudicated based on the previous guidelines. Any student’s PGWP application refused based on the previous guidelines, may submit a new application under the new guidelines.

As a background, PGWP allow students who have graduated from eligible Canadian designated learning institutions to obtain an open work permit to work in Canada. The study program must be obtained from designated learning institution, at least eight months long and lead to a degree, diploma or certificate. The student must have maintained full-time status as a student in Canada during each semester of program, except the last semester, which can be part-time.

The guidelines continue to allow students to work full-time until the decision is made on the work permit application as long as the applicant has a valid study permit at the time of filing application, completed study program, and were eligible to work off campus without a study permit for approved hours only. If the applicant has to travel during the pending of PGWP, one can do so but the applicant has to travel with a Temporary Resident Visa (“TRV”), else the applicant will not be allowed to enter Canada, even with a valid PGWP. Further, if the PGWP application is approved, applicant’s spouse is also eligible for an open work permit.

In addition, the month of February witnessed some 3,300 invitations to apply for Permanent Residence in Express Entry System, with the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score of 457, an increase from the previous score by 20.

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