Trump’s latest expanded travel ban includes North Korea and Venezuela

The Trump Administration issues new restrictions on travel to the United States. The rules now affect 8 countries.

The highlights of the new proclamation:

  • Includes a total ban on travel to the US by Syrian and North Korean nationals
  • Bans all travel to the US by Iranian nationals, except those with certain student or exchange visas
  • Bans all immigrant and most non-immigrant travel for Libyan, Yemeni, and Chadian nationals
  • The order also bans all travel for certain government officials and their family members from Venezuela 
  • Bans all immigrant travel for Somali nationals and includes enhanced vetting for nonimmigrant travel
  • Provides more detail on case-by-case exceptions for affected travelers

The ban goes into effect immediately for persons who were already banned by the second Executive Order and lack a bona fide relationship with a US entity and goes into effect on October 18 for everyone else. Importantly, as of October 18th, even individuals with “bona fide relationships” to people or entities in the U.S. will not be excepted from the ban because of those relationships.

Equally important is understanding whom the new ban does NOT apply to:

  • Lawful permanent residents (green card holders)
  • Dual nationals (as long as travel is on a non-banned country passport)
  • Certain diplomatic and semi-diplomatic visa holders
  • Asylees and admitted refugees
  • Those already in and admitted to the United States on the effective date (9/24/17 or 10/18/17)

The administration said it is adopting a more tailored approach with respect to nonimmigrants, rather than continue with blanket bans. According to the proclamation, the government would consider lifting restrictions of countries that have improved their identity-management and information-sharing protocols and procedures.

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