Transformative Measure for Foreign Workers in Canada: Enhancing Skills with No Study Limit

June 27, 2023, Ottawa – Temporary foreign workers in Canada, every year, contribute to the nation’s prosperity with their unique skills. Not only do they aid in economic growth, but they also help in bridging the labor market gaps. Unfortunately, despite their significant role, these foreign workers often encounter obstacles when trying to enrol in programs to enhance their skills and open new opportunities.

In a game-changing development, the Honourable Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, has announced a remarkable measure that removes the study program length limitation for temporary foreign workers. This is a big leap towards ensuring greater accessibility and opportunities for these workers to improve their skills without requiring a study permit.

Effectively immediately, this new temporary measure offers foreign workers a chance to undertake additional training and education, potentially amplifying their career growth. Additionally, this change will not only expand their future job prospects but also significantly increase their chances of transitioning to permanent residency. Previously, foreign workers could enrol in programs up to 6 months without a study permit, but for longer durations, they had to apply for a separate permit. This was a hurdle for those keen to upskill or validate their credentials through certain programs.

This groundbreaking 3-year temporary measure allows foreign workers to engage in full-time or part-time studies, without restrictions on the length of the program, during the validity of their work permits or until the policy’s expiration.

The new policy applies to individuals with a valid work permit or those with a pending decision on their work permit extension as of June 7, 2023. If a foreign worker intends to study beyond their work permit duration, they must still apply for a study permit.

With this remarkable move, Canada continues to demonstrate its commitment to creating inclusive opportunities for foreign workers, truly reflecting its global reputation as a land of opportunities. Stay tuned to our blog for more such updates on immigration policies and opportunities in Canada.

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