The LIKE Act and new W visas

A recent bill introduced to Congress may allow foreign nationals to receive temporary status in the United States in order to provide jobs in the United States economy and develop further infrastructure. House Representative Zoe Lofgren proposed the LIKE (Let Immigrants Kickstart Employment) Act (the “Bill”) to Congress on July 26th to fill an unaddressed component of the immigration system in the United States to provide visas for entrepreneurial foreign nationals. The potential W-1 visa outlined in this legislation would allow foreign nationals (who meet specific requirements, such as: raising substantial funds from American investors and owning at least 10% share in their start-up) to attain temporary status in the United States while developing their business initiative. Additional components of the Bill include the W-2 visa (allowing necessary workers of the entrepreneurial activities) and W-3 visa (allowing spouses and children of W-1 and 2 recipients) to achieve residential and working status. These visas are temporary with an initial 3 year residing period, but can be renewed up to an additional 5 years. The proposal Bill also allows for “dual intent”, where the recipient may apply for a green card if they achieve specified goals in their business endeavors. The provisions of this proposed legislation began with the former executive order by the Obama Administration (and recently renewed by the Biden Administration) called the International Entrepreneurial Rule (IER.) This action has similar intent to create opportunity for tentative foreign entrepreneurs but does not grant any status or visa. The LIKE Act ensures these opportunities are available for foreign entrepreneurs to create domestic jobs for American workers.

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