Temporary Public Policy for Iranian Nationals in Canada

The Canadian government has announced a temporary public policy in response to the ongoing human rights abuses in Iran. This policy offers specific measures to assist Iranian nationals currently residing in Canada as temporary residents.

What Does This New Policy Entail?

Effective immediately and available until February 28, 2024, eligible Iranian nationals can benefit from:

  1. Free Extensions to their temporary resident status in Canada.
  2. Open Work Permits without any application cost.
  3. Study Permits for those interested in furthering their education in Canada.

For applications submitted within Canada, priority processing is guaranteed.

Moreover, Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are currently in Iran can also obtain the following documents for free, easing their return to Canada:

  • Limited-validity Canadian passports
  • Canadian citizenship certificates
  • Permanent resident travel documents

Why Has This Policy Been Introduced?

The tragic killing of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the Iranian “morality police” has left a global mark. In an attempt to penalize the Iranian regime for its open violation of human rights, Canada has chosen to take a stand. The government firmly supports the courageous women, students, and citizens of Iran and recognizes that many may feel unsafe returning to their homeland.

This policy ensures those wishing to extend their stay can do so without any financial burden and can switch between various temporary resident categories smoothly.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible under this policy, you must:

  1. Be an Iranian national with valid temporary resident status in Canada.
  2. Apply for an extension to remain in Canada as a temporary resident or a temporary resident permit.
  3. Depending on your desired status:
  • Apply for a work permit (under section 200 or 201 of the Regulations).
  • Apply for a study permit (under section 216 or 217 of the Regulations) from within Canada.

Exemptions Provided:

The policy offers exemptions from specific application processing fees and other requirements. The exact exemptions depend on the conditions met by the applicant. For instance, there’s an exemption from fees related to biometric data collection, temporary resident permit, work permits, and study permits.

Other Criteria:

Eligible foreign nationals should note that all other legislative obligations and admissibility requirements remain in force, except those explicitly exempted under this policy or any other public policy.

Validity Period:

This policy will remain valid until February 28, 2024. It can be revoked or changed at any time without prior notice.


In these testing times, Canada stands firm in its commitment to human rights and offers tangible support to Iranian nationals residing within its borders. This temporary policy not only represents Canada’s condemnation of the Iranian regime’s actions but also its spirit of inclusion and support for those affected.

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