Summary of Changes from Recent Litigation and EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act:

• RIA reauthorized the expired Regional Center Program through September 2027

• Minimum investment amount is now $1,050,000. Investment in a Targeted Employment Area requires a minimum of $800,000.

• Generally processing times on average is about 5 years. RIA allows for AOS to be filed concurrently if priority date is current.

• Greater transparency required for the EB-5 program. Promoters must register with USCIS before beginning promotional activities.

• Promoters must disclose all fees, ongoing interests, compensation to agents, finders, and broker-dealers.

• Written Agreement about remuneration arrangements must be made available for review if requested by USCIS.

• Litigation: Recent Litigation Settled.

o Regional Centers will remain designated. I-956 needs to be filed but not need to be adjudicated favorably to continue to sponsor new investors.

o RIA made 900 Regional Centers Void, but settlement permits them to continue upon filing of I-956’s. Regional Centers have to file I-956’s by December 29, 2022. Showing they meet RIA requirements.

o I-956F needs to be filed by new investors.

• Evergreen prospectus methodology to be used in the application process.

• Move to electronic submission (I-829 now)

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