State/Consular Affairs announced

DOS has designated the U.S. Consulate General in Frankfurt as the processing post for all the immigrant visa applications that would have been processed in Kyiv, with the exception of adoption cases, which will be handled at the U.S. embassy in Warsaw.

Source:  Briefing with Senior Administration Officials on the U.S. Humanitarian Assistance Response to Russia’s Further Invasion of Ukraine, March 15, 2022,  The briefing was on background, so the speaker was “Senior Official Three,” but clearly a CA representative.  The other points:

  • A visa is not a viable way to achieve refugee resettlement in the US;
  • the priority for consular support is for US citizens and their immediate family members (spouse and children under 21;
  • Ukraine passport holders can enter Schengen countries without a visa;
  • US citizens outside the US with their immediate family members can request to file their petitions at the nearest consular post that processes immigrant visas. 
  • For those with approved petitions but no visa appointment “may be able” [sic] to request expedited processing through the National Visa Center;
  • Nonimmigrant visas are not the way to get immigrant or refugee status, or resettlement.  (comment: INA 214b is alive and well.)
  • Once an NIV appointment has been made, the applicant will have the ability to request an expedited visa appointment IF they can demonstrate “unique circumstances” to justify the earlier appointment.
  • Prospective adoptive parents can contact for questions.
  • Refugees (who already have designated refugee status) whose “protection needs cannot be met in the country where they currently are” can apply to UNHCR or the resettlement agencies for consideration for the US Refugee Program, but “this is not an emergency response program” (comment: don’t expect anything quickly).  “Our goal would be to provide humanitarian assistance to keep people safe where they are for now while that process continues.”  (comment:  the US Refugee Program is not what it sounds like it is).