Plan Ahead for Holiday Travel: Checklist for Foreign Nationals and Employers

As of November 8th, 2021, international travelers have to follow new requirements to travel to the United States. Not only do foreign nationals have to provide proof of complete vaccination against COVID-19, but they also have to show that they took a COVID-19 test three days before their flight.

Here is a documentation checklist for passengers looking to enter the US:

1. Validity of Travel Documents:

International travelers, family members, and even US and Canadian citizens must have a valid passport when traveling.

Before applying for a visa, ensure that all passports have been renewed in advance and have a validity of at least six months.

2. Gather all Documents:

When you enter the US, some travelers may be asked to show evidence of travel/work authorization or government approval, along with their passport and valid visa stamp.

You may be asked to show an original I-797, endorsed Form I-129S, Approval Notice, Employment Authorization Document (EAD), Advance Parole Document, Form I-20, or Form DS-2019 with travel authorization.

3. Recheck the Classification and Expiry Date in the Passport:

If you enter the US as a foreign national, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer will prepare an electronic I-94 record and will then give you a passport stamp.

Before leaving the CBP inspection space, make sure that the classification and expiry date in the passport is correct. If there are any mistakes, let the CBP officer know immediately. CBP can correct any errors on-the-spot.

4. Go Through the I-94 Record:

Each time foreign nationals gain entry into the US, they should get the electronic I-94 record and review it on the CBP website.

Review the expiry dates on the I-94, along with the underlying petition or work permit, as this may differ from the expiry date on the visa stamp. Moreover, send a copy of your I-94 to the Immigration Counsel.

For foreign national employees who do not have a valid visa in their passport, here is what they need to do:

• Talk to their Immigration Lawyer 60 to 90 days before your anticipated travel to prepare for the consular interview.

• Review the Consulate’s website before traveling to review visa processing procedures and to avoid missing out on any appointments or documentation.

• Complete Form DS-160 and keep a copy of it with you at all times.

• Before traveling, if applicable, go through the petition to ensure you are familiar with all documents previously submitted to the government.

• Go through your online profiles, as government officials can scrutinize these before allowing you entry into the US.

• Keep company information and pages updated.
• Keep a copy of employment verification if you are trying to get a temporary work visa.
• Let the Immigration Counsel know if you have been arrested or detained in the past.

• Review Consulates wait times.

• Ask the Consulate about their holiday hours so that you can make decisions accordingly.

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