New and Potential Changes Impacting I-9 Compliance: What Employers Need to Know

As we move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, the USCIS approach to immigration compliance is rapidly evolving, and employers must stay up to date to avoid costly government inspections. One area of concern is the Form I-9, which verifies employment eligibility and is subject to new and potential changes.

Here are the top three things you need to know about I-9 compliance:

Firstly, the Department of Homeland Security has proposed a rule that would allow alternative options for remote employee verification, including email, fax, video, chat applications, and other electronic means. While the current COVID-19 flexibilities allow remote verification until July 2023, this proposal could create a permanent protocol for remote document review. Employers will need to adjust their procedures, such as updating forms and expanding training, to ensure compliance.

Secondly, a new, revised version of the Form I-9 is expected this year, with proposed changes including a single-page format, streamlined instructions, and technical updates. Employers must be prepared to implement these changes.

Finally, increased fines and penalties for I-9 errors are already in practice, and the cost of non-compliance can be enormous. Estimates suggest that 50% to 75% of employers have I-9 errors, which can result in substantial fines and time-consuming NIF processes. Employers must perform self-audits and work with knowledgeable attorneys to ensure compliance and avoid hefty fines.

In conclusion, employers must stay up to date with new and potential changes to I-9 compliance to avoid costly fines and government inspections. Compliance can be confusing, but self-audits and expert guidance can help employers navigate this complex area successfully.

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