Merit-Based Immigration

President Trump first made his proposal to amend immigration selection to make it merit-based on May 16th. Since this announcement, neither Republicans nor Democrats have seemed too excited about the idea.

The proposed idea seems strikingly similar to the changes in immigration that the Trump Administration has been pushing for some time now. One issue that many are taking with this is that, although those immigrants allowed into the country will be subject to more intense vetting, the amount of immigrants coming into the U.S. will remain the same.

Concrete details on the overhaul are still unclear due to the majority of information regarding it originates from media reports, however the new system will be based mostly on points and will favor applicants with skills that are valuable in the labor market.

Most categories of family-sponsored immigrant visas would be eliminated, leaving the only path for these types of visas open to spouses and minor children of U.S. Citizens or lawful permanent residents. Applicants would have a certain number of merit points that are assigned to them based on specific aspects of each applicant.

These points are determined by attributes such as age, having an existing offer of employment, possessing an advanced degree or a valuable skill, or earning higher wages.

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