Starting Thursday, March 26th, 2020, Canada will impose mandatory quarantine under the Quarantine Act. All International travelers entering Canada by air, sea or land will be subject to mandatory 14-day self-isolation to stop the spread of COVID-19. The travelers will provide their contact details of stay to Canada Border Services Agency Officers when entering Canada. Such travelers are forbidden to use public transit such as buses, trains or subways to reach their places of isolation. An official from the Health Ministry will actually be making a follow up with such travelers to ensure they are adhering to self-isolation. Some enforcement measures will be in place soon.

Mandatory quarantine is not applicable to “essential workers” and those workers that cross the border on regular basis such as truck drivers, firefighters, medical workers and travelers who enter Canada to receive essential services. These exemptions are in place to ensure critical infrastructure, essential services and economic supply chains continue between Canada and the U.S. These workers are however, be required to self-monitor.

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