How to Check Your I-94 and Why It Matters: A Comprehensive Guide

When entering the United States, understanding and checking your I-94 form is crucial for ensuring your stay complies with U.S. immigration regulations. This guide will explain what an I-94 is, why it’s important, and how to check your I-94 record.

What is an I-94?

The I-94 is an arrival and departure record issued by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This document records the details of your entry into the U.S., including your name, entry date, duration of stay, and the status under which you were admitted. Previously a paper document, the I-94 is now issued electronically.

Why is the I-94 Important?

Your I-94 contains critical information about your stay in the U.S. Checking your I-94 ensures:

  • Correct Entry Status: Verifying that you were admitted under the correct visa category.
  • Authorized Stay Duration: Ensuring you know the exact period you are allowed to remain in the U.S.
  • Avoiding Status Violations: Preventing unintentional overstays or status violations which can have serious immigration consequences.

How to Check Your I-94

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the CBP Website: Go to or do a quick Google search for “CBP I-94”.
  2. Enter Your Details: You will need your passport number and the passport you used when entering the U.S. Be sure to enter your first and last names exactly as they appear in your passport.
  3. Access Your Record: The website will display your current I-94 and travel history.


  • Name Variations: If you have multiple first or last names, try different variations.
  • Record Not Found: If your I-94 doesn’t appear, or you notice errors, contact CBP. You can visit a deferred inspection site, use online request forms, or call the CBP office.

Why Checking Your I-94 is Critical

Regularly checking your I-94 can prevent many common issues, such as:

  • Wrong Status Admission: Sometimes CBP may mistakenly admit you under the wrong visa category.
  • Status Expiration: Incorrect assumptions about the length of stay can lead to overstays.

Correcting Errors on Your I-94

If you find an error on your I-94, it’s essential to address it immediately:

  • Deferred Inspection Sites: Visit in person to correct the record.
  • Online Requests: Many CBP offices now handle corrections online.
  • Contact CBP: Call the CBP office if you need further assistance.


The I-94 is a vital document for anyone entering the U.S. Staying informed about your I-94 status can help you maintain compliance with immigration regulations and avoid potential legal issues.

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