The Global Talent Stream (“GTS”) is an immigration program that permits Employers in Canada to expedite hiring foreign workers to occupy unique, specialized and highly-skilled employment positions when Canadian professionals are not available for such roles. The GTS is part of the Temporary Foreign Worker (“TFW”) program and provides an expedite immigration possibility for Foreign Nationals to Canada.

With this program, a Canadian employer is eligible to hire a highly-skilled and specialized Foreign National worker to fill positions in the in-demand occupations found in the Global Talent Occupation list. Such occupations include Computer and Information Systems, Computer Engineers, Software Engineers and Designers, Mathematicians, Information Systems Analysts and Consultants, Database Analysts and Data Administrator, Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers, Web Designers and Developers, and more.

When offering such positions to a Foreign Worker, a Canadian employer must obtain a positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), Labour Market Benefits Plan, and a Progress Review. A LMIA is a document that an Employer in Canada may need to obtain before hiring a foreign worker. A positive LMIA shows that a that there is a need for a foreign worker to fill the job and that no Canadian is willing and available for the prospective position. A Labor Market Benefits Plan demonstrates an Employer’s commitment to activities that will have lasting impact on the Canadian Labour Market. A Progress Review ensures that the Employer is in compliance with the requirements of hiring a Foreign National worker.

A team at Employment and Social Development Canada is dedicated to provide a faster processing of GTS applications. IRCC is also committed to expedite the processing of completed work permit applications.

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