What services are impacted by the labour disruptions?

Some IRCC services remain available during the labour disruption. You can still apply online, mail applications to IRCC, use your online accounts and access some emergency services. IRCC clients should expect delays with processing applications, in-person appointments or events including citizenship ceremonies, contacting IRCC via email or phone, consular citizenship services.

Can the clients submit their applications online?

Digital intake for a variety of permanent and temporary residence applications, as well as online citizenship applications, remain open. The e-app for refugee applications also remains fully functional. Clients can still submit applications that have been requested by IRCC.

What do the clients do if their documents are still with IRCC (passport, birth certificate)?

If clients wish to have documents returned to them, they may contact the IRCC client support centre or make the request through the IRCC Web form. We will do our best to return those documents to clients as quickly as possible.

What will happen to scheduled applicant interviews or citizenship ceremonies?

Clients with any immigration-related appointments in Canada will be contacted should there be a need to re-schedule or cancel any appointments. Citizenship events will be rescheduled. Overseas interviews will proceed as scheduled, unless advised otherwise by the IRCC office abroad.

What immigration related consular assistance will still be available?

Consular assistance is usually provided to Canadians and permanent residents—not foreign nationals. For foreign nationals who are abroad and require urgent assistance (such as replacement visas) should contact the nearest IRCC office with the Web form. Please note, however, that reduced capacity may lead to longer email response times. There will be delays with passport services during the labour disruption.

In Canada: We will only process applications for humanitarian and emergency reasons.
Outside of Canada (including citizens residing in the United States): We will still process applications, but there may be delays.

Citizenship services delivered at missions will still be delivered to Canadians abroad; however, there may be delays to service given aspects of the work that are completed in Canada and impacted by the labour disruption.

What happens if client is about to lose their status or their permit expires during a labour disruption?

Temporary residents in Canada whose status will soon expire can apply for an extension to maintain their temporary resident status in Canada. Applications for an extension must be submitted before the expiry date of their current status and must be complete, including biometrics, fees and other requirements, as applicable. If these conditions are met, temporary residents will benefit from maintained status and may remain in Canada until a decision is rendered on their application.

What happens to vulnerable population like refugees, Ukranian CUAET clients and asylum seekers who need IRCC support?

The Government of Canada is continuing to work closely with settlement organizations and non-governmental organizations across the country to support Ukrainians and their family members before, during and after their arrival in Canada. Clients in need of temporary accommodation are referred to IRCC by local settlement service providers or other trusted partners to confirm their eligibility and track occupancy across Canada. A core team of essential and exempt IRCC staff will continue operations during the labour disruption. Settlement and referral organizations are federally funded, non-governmental organizations that would continue to help connect CUAET clients to other supports and serv