French Speaking Skilled Assessment

One of Canada’s immigration programs is the Ontario French-Speaking Skilled Worker program. It is one of the Human Capital streams under the Ontario Nominee Program (OINP) which is a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) run by the Province of Ontario. The Ontario French-Speaking Skilled Worker program looks to bring candidates from the Express Entry applicant pool who can show proficiency in both English and French and also show that they have the abilities allowing them to join the skilled workforce of the Province. Like many other Canadian immigration programs, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in both English and French, the two official languages of Canada. There are specific tests used by the Canadian government to measure this proficiency.

What is the French Speaking Skilled Immigrant Assessment?

An applicant to the Ontario French-Speaking Skilled Worker program must be tested for proficiency in both English and French. The Test results must be obtained within two years prior to applying for the program. For French, the test results must reflect a score that is equal to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 7 in four abilities: Speaking; Listening; Reading and Writing. 

The CLB system was created by the Canadian government to assess how language scores are interpreted for Canadian immigration purposes. The system converts scores from federal language tests into the same equivalencies for purposes of comparing the scores. 

The only test used for purposes of evaluating the applicant’s French language abilities is the Test d’évaluation de français. This test is available in countries around the globe. It evaluates the four abilities listed above and is scored using the Test Score Equivalency chart.

Applicants to the Ontario French-Speaking Skilled Worker program must also test for English language proficiency at a score equal to CLB 6 in the four abilities. The applicant may either take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP). The IELTS is offered in many countries around the world. The CELPIP is only available in Canada, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

In addition to the language skills assessment in both French and English, the applicant must also have an active Express Entry profile in either Federal Skilled Worker or Canadian Experience Class. For Federal Skilled Workers, the applicant must have a minimum of a high school diploma and one year of continuous full-time, skilled work experience. For the Canadian Experience Class, although there is no minimum education requirement but a certificate, diploma, or a degree from High School or post-secondary school from Canada or foreign country is useful to increase the score. Also, the applicant is required to have at least one year full time Canadian skilled work experience. The work experience does not need to be continuous but all of it must have been obtained within the three years preceding the application. Additionally, the applicant must be admissible in Canada. 

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