The Government of Canada recently announced to expand the project to help Internationally educated health care professionals and fill in key positions in the health care labor market. This will enable Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO’s) National Newcomer Navigation Network (N4) to serve as a platform where newcomers and internationally educated health care professionals can find information on foreign qualification and credential recognition in all provinces and territories outside Quebec.

The Government announced that the project will aim to identify barriers faced by internationally educated health care professionals in having their foreign credentials recognized in Canada; provide practical policy recommendations to address gaps in the sector; help internationally educated health care professionals access credential and qualification requirements faster; and remove barriers to working in Canada’s health care system.

As newcomers are essential to Canada’s short-term recovery and long-term prosperity, including health care sector, the Government continue to welcome newcomers who bring the essential skills Canada’s needs for the economy to thrive, settlement services and play a key role in helping them to succeed.

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