Due to the current pandemic situation, Canada and U.S. will continue to restrict all non-essential travel across the Canada – U.S. border until June 20th. The collaborative and reciprocal measure came into effect on March 20th 2020 and it is designed to restrict non-essential travel across the border, including tourism and recreation. The border continues to remain open for trade activities such as supply chains of food, fuel and medicine.

On March 26th, a Revised Order-in-Council referred to as the “Minimizing the Risk of Exposure to Covid-19 in Canada Order” was issued to address the travel restrictions between the two countries. The Revised Order prohibit foreign nationals from entering Canada from the United States for an optional or discretionary purpose such as tourism, recreation or entertainment. It also prohibits foreign nationals from entering Canada if they have been outside Canada and the United States within the preceding 14 days.

There are exemptions available for individuals from this prohibition such as immediate family members of a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident. The onus is on the foreign national to prove the relationship with a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident and the purpose for the travel.

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