CBP Has Begun Eliminating Entry Stamps for Travelers Upon Arrival – An Overview by the NPZ Law Group

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been working toward streamlining the entry process for travelers to the United States. Thus, one effort to accomplish that has been to eliminate the issuance of entry stamps on foreign nationals’ passports when they arrive in the US. This process has already begun at certain US airports. The CBP will continue to roll out this program to more airports across the country over time. The following is an overview of this situation.

The Importance of the Electronic I-94 Form for Foreign Nationals Traveling to the US

In the past, CBP removed the need for all foreign nationals to have physical I-94 forms (record of admission). Therefore, it is now imperative that foreign travelers to the US promptly access the electronic version of their I-94 every time they enter the country. They must do so to confirm that they have been admitted to the country with the correct immigration status and the right expiration date. Foreign nationals traveling to the US must possess a printed copy of their electronic I-94. Thus travelers can do so through the CBP I-94 website or the CBP One mobile application. The printed copy may serve as their only proof of being lawfully admitted into the country.

Foreign nationals can find the “admit until” date on their current I-94. This date is the final date at which they are lawfully allowed to remain in the United States.

The I-94 is the document that determines a foreign the immigration status of the traveler and their expiration date in the US. The visa nor the I-797 approval determine these details. That is why it’s crucial for foreign travelers to review and download their electronic I-94 every time they enter the United States it. It is a lawful record of admission to present a printed record of admission from the CBP website.

Government Agencies that Need a Printed Copy of the Electronic I-94

There are some government agencies that need a printed copy of the electronic I-94 to determine the immigration status of the traveler and their expiration date. These agencies include the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Social Security Administration (SSA). You should note that some SSA offices are not yet aware of the removal of admission stamps at specific airports. Foreign nationals traveling to the US can also present the electronic Form I-94 to potential employers to complete Form I-9, (i.e., the form for employment eligibility verification).

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