The Government of Canada has created Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (“CUAET”) to help Ukrainians and their family members come to Canada as quickly as possible and to provide them with the ability to work and study while in Canada. The CUAET also gives those who are already in Canada the option to extend their visitor status, work permit or study permit so that they can continue to live and work or study in Canada temporarily.

The CUAET gives a visitor visa to come to Canada temporarily, until it is safe to return to Ukraine. The visitor visa is fee-exempt; is valid for 10 years or until passport expires; allows to travel in and out of Canada, as long as visa is valid; and gives an option to apply for a fee-exempt work permit at the same time. The Government will be processing such applications on a priority basis.

When Ukrainian Nationals arrive at the border in Canada, they will be given status as either a visitor, worker (if applied for the open work permit), or student (if under 18 years and want to study in Canada). Such visas are valid for up to 3 years at a time or until the passport expires.

IRCC has established a dedicated service channel for Ukraine enquiries that will be available for clients both in Canada and abroad at 613-321-4243. In addition, clients can now add the keyword “Ukraine2022” to the IRCC Web form with their enquiry and their email will be prioritized.

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