Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced extension of non-essential travel restrictions between Canada and U.S. border to July 21st, 2020 to control the spread of Coronavirus in Canada.

Canada is also mandating temperature screening for all air passengers starting June 30th. Air Operators will be required to conduct temperature screenings of all passengers travelling to Canada, from Canada and for those travelling within Canada. A temperature screening stations will be placed in departure section of all four major international airports – Pearson International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, Montreal Trudeau International Airport, and Calgary International Airport.

In addition, Canada continues to require travelers to quarantine for 14 days, when entering Canada by air, land or sea. At the port of entry, the traveler must provide a self-isolation plan which should include arrangement to buy groceries and medical drugs, if any. The penalty for breaking self-isolation plan is up to $1 million and three years in prison. If a traveler leaves Canada before the completion of 14 days quarantine, this may have serious consequences on individual when returning back to Canada again.

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