IRCC announced 2-stage process to help international students starting online program from outside Canada. This process will only apply to study permit applications submitted by September 15, 2020 and for programs starting in spring, summer or fall 2020.

The international students should submit complete application with all the required documents to IRCC. But if you cannot submit a complete application, IRCC will process the application in two stages, as discussed below:

Stage 1: Check your eligibility: The officer will review the application for following documents:

• A letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution;
• Proof of financial support that you have enough money for tuition fees and living and transportation expense for yourself and your family;
• Proof of family ties in Canada, if any; and
• Evidence to leave the country when you no longer have a legal status.

Once the application passes stage 1, IRCC will update the information in the online account. This will not guarantee approval of the work permit but the application will be put on hold till all the outstanding documents are submitted. IRCC aims to pass most applications through Stage 1 before the fall semester starts.

Stage 2: Check application for admissibility and any changes to the eligibility: The officer will review the application for following documents:

• A medical exam, if needed;
• Police certificates, if needed;
• Biometrics; and
• Any information that changed after the application was reviewed at Stage 1.

At this stage, IRCC will accordingly adjudicate the study permit application. Once the application is approved, you will be ready to travel to Canada and begin your studies or able to continue your studies in Canada, if you have already started studying online, subject to travel restrictions. Please note that online courses will not affect eligibility for PGWPP.

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