US President’s Immigration Policy & Its Direct Effect on India


The newly elected Republician Preseident of the United States has thrown a yet another policy bomb on immigrants from 7 countries. However, there has been a lot of criticism on the ban by the corporate honchos or the CEO’s of various ginats placed in US. The move was expected as it was promised by the President at the time of polls.

This immediate fulfulment of poll promise is done keeping in view the security and strength of the United States. As the newly elected President has time and again said “Make America Great Again”. However, this decision has not gone very well in the political circles and US allies internationally.


UK & Europe especially Paris has criticized the move followed by others. The policy directly effects those who hail from these seven banned countries and are either on legitimate visas or are traveling to US for work. Before the Hon’ble Courts restraining order, a citizen form these seven countries will be restrained from boarding a flight to US from any port of origin, even if they are a green card holder. This also applies for those who are born in these seven countries but holding passports of allied countries. The immediate sentiments on this ban has sent shockwaves to the international community and big international markets are watching this closely.


Keeping in view the President’s pole promises there is a likelihood that a new policy for crackdown on illegal immigrants might soon be notified. However, those Indian’s with legitimate US visa need not worry at this point of time. However, future is not bright for those who have managed to prolong their stay by manipulating system loopholes. It’s the right time for them consult their immigration lawyer.

Furthermore, the current immigrant ban comes with a negative probability for those planning a career in US because the US President has time and again said that the priority will be given to the US nationals first. The maturity of such policy decision is a long way to go because the Technology giants such as Apple or the Silicon Valley including Google CEO has criticized this move because it is practically not possible to move ahead in IT sector ignoring the Indians especially when much of Silicon Valley is headed by them. In a global market, there cannot be a blanket ban on immigrants who are working legitimately.


The world is heading towards a social transformation where every country want’s to provide internal security and create or give employment priorities to their nationals. May be this is the message the newly elected president has tried to give.


It is true that no developed economy like the United States can lead the markets alienating India because of the consumption and potential the country has in all fields. The decision to ban the immigrants will go well with India because India & United States are on the same footing when it comes to combating terrorism. Therefore, in the long run immigration laws in the US will be tough for everyone; however, Indian will always be a good ally.

Finally, It’s a word of caution for those who have managed to prolong their stay by manipulating system loopholes. It’s the right time for them consult their immigration lawyer.

Shekhar Raj Sharma, Advocate, The writer of this article is an Practicing Advocate at the Bars of the Supreme Court of India.