Trump’s New Immigration Plan Could Cut Legal Immigration in Half

How might Trump’s immigration plan impact my family’s ability to come to the U.S.?

President Trump recently announced an immigration proposal which could have a significant impact on the future of immigration in America.  The bill would create a merit based immigration system, granting green cards to those applicants based on education, skill, and language ability, rather than familial relations with those already in the United States.  If the plan passes, it will represent the most far reaching changes to legal immigration in decades.  Our immigration lawyers at NPZ Law Group discuss the potential changes coming to immigration and how it might affect your plans to move to the U.S. 

Merit Based Immigration vs. Family Based Immigration

President Trump has taken a radical approach on immigration since he took office.  Trump has already limited the entrance of refugees from certain countries and ramped up immigration arrests.  Now, Trump has taken the position that the United States needs to stop taking in so many low skilled immigrants.  Instead, President Trump wants the U.S. to welcome immigrants that will have a positive impact on America’s work force

Currently, over one million people are granted legal residency annually.  Under the new proposal, that figure is expected to reduce by 41 percent in the first year, and 50 percent by its 10th year.  Reductions will stem from immigrants seeking green cards through family connections, with the number of those granted residency on the basis of job skills remaining roughly the same.

The new system will award points to immigrants on the basis of their ability to speak English, education, age, job offers, achievements, and entrepreneurial initiative.  It would allow spouses and minor children of Americans to come to the U.S., but would eliminate preferences for other relatives, such as adult children and spouses.

For anyone seeking to immigrate to the U.S., passage of this new proposed immigration policy could have a tremendous effect on the application process and their chances of receiving a green card. Consult with an immigration lawyer now for experienced assistance with your green card application. 

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