Trump Draws International Criticism After Referring to Countries as “Shitholes”

What is the future of immigration in America?

President Trump met with lawmakers last week to discuss protecting immigrants from the nations of Haiti, El Salvador, and several African countries.  During the meeting, Trump allegedly became frustrated and asked the attendees why America is allowing “all these people from shithole countries” to come here. While Trump has disputed uttering the statements, politicians across the United States and world leaders have condemned the sentiment.  This latest example of President Trump’s apparent negative attitude towards immigration is causing many to question just what the future of immigration will be in the U.S.

Ending TPS Programs and Increased Raids

President Trump ran on a platform to toughen immigration laws.  Under his presidency so far, both Haitians and El Salvadorans have lost their temporary protected status (TPS). In addition, the number of immigration raids have increased, with several arrests even happening in traditionally protected locations like school grounds.  Immigrants across the United States report feeling fearful over their ability to continue living peacefully in the country. 

Moving to a Merit Based System

President Trump has proposed moving America’s immigration system to a more merit based system, with immigrants that come here to work or invest receiving higher priority than immigrants seeking a family based visa.  Canada is an example of such a merit based system.  Canada uses a points based system that prioritizes immigrants depending on several factors, including education level, skills, and literacy.

Immigrants across the United States are anxiously awaiting a final decision as to the legal status of the Dreamers, as well as Haitian and El Salvadoran immigrants. With President Trump’s rhetoric leading to heightened emotion and increased unrest, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that a peaceful resolve will be reached in the near future.

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