“Travel Ban 3.0”: Are you health insurance compliant?

On October 4, President Trump issued a proclamation that will be effective November 3, 2019 that will seek to deny visas to immigrants who would be a financial burden on the healthcare system. The rule further defines this to mean that immigrants must demonstrate that they are able to purchase unsubsidized commercial health insurance (outside Obamacare) within 30 days of entry to the United States or possess financial resources to pay for reasonably foreseeable medical costs.

The new rule provides certain approved health insurance programs, and provides for exceptions including, but not limited to, children of United States citizens, children adopted by United States Citizens, and certain family-based immigration cases. Applicants must establish, to the satisfaction of the Consular Officer, that this requirement is satisfied prior to issuance of their immigrant visa. It is unclear at this time the exact evidence that will be required by consulates to satisfy this requirement.

It is likely that this new rule will lead to an increase in Adjustment of Status (AOS) being filed as opposed to doing the Consular Processing procedure to obtain a Green Card.

link: https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/presidential-proclamation-suspension-entry-immigrants-will-financially-burden-united-states-healthcare-system/

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