The immigration law community has received information that ICE has, once again, commenced “targeted enforcement” actions by reinstituting “Operation Cross Check.” The operation is focused on three populations:

1. Fugitives – Anyone with an outstanding order of removal;

2. Individuals who reentered after they were deported. No need for criminal conviction related to reentry to be targeted;

3. At large “criminal aliens” – Anyone with any criminal conviction.

It also appears that other individuals who are identified in the course of an Operation Crosscheck action against a specific person may also be picked-up if they fall within the broader enforcement priorities outlined in the President’s Executive Order. Note that the new priorities are very broad and any undocumented individual could be deemed a “priority”.

At this point it is unclear how many cities or localities are being targeted (though anecdotal reports indicate Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, and areas of Kansas may be implicated).

Though enforcement priorities outlined in President Trump’s Executive Order on interior enforcement include anyone who was charged with an offense (or committed an act that could be a chargeable offense), we understand that the current operation is focused on those who were convicted. However, any conviction (felonies, DUIs, non-violent offenses, etc.) could subject a person to enforcement.

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