Sam’s Tips: How to Stay out of ICE Detention.

We have all seen the news about the condition of the detention facilities, and President Trump’s new plans to make these facilities even worse. So how can you stay out of detention?

1. Stay out of trouble.

Do not do anything that is against the law. This can be anything as minor as driving without a license, or as severe as murder. Anything you do to bring negative light to yourself gives ICE reason to look into you. If they find that you are “a danger to the community” or “a flight risk”, they will place you in an immigration detention facility.

2. Do not be associated with anyone who gets into trouble with the police.

Have you ever heard of guilty by association? For example, if your best friend is a convicted MS-13 gang member, ICE will assume you are also a gang member and will come looking for you. Choose your friends wisely.

3. Attend all of your immigration hearings.

If you miss an immigration hearing, and the Immigration Judge orders you removed in absentia, you can be arrested by ICE officers at any time. If you have missed an immigration hearing and were ordered removed in absentia, you should contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible.

4. Before you file any petition with USCIS, speak to an immigration attorney.

Sometimes there can be things on your application that trigger ICE to look into your case. If you are not sure how to answer certain questions on your applications or petitions, speak with your attorney, or if you don’t have an attorney, hire one to help with reviewing all of your applications and petitions before they are sent to the government. Once something is out there, it is hard to fix.

5. If you have an Order of Supervision, make sure to attend all of your supervision appointments.

By not showing up to check in with your ICE officer, you can be deemed a fugitive and ICE will try to find you. I understand that it is scary to go to ICE for your supervision appointments, but the alternative, not showing up and ICE look for you is definitely worse.

If you are worried about ICE looking for you, a family member or a friend, it is best to contact an immigration attorney. Whether it be because you have a pending or prior criminal case, an order of removal, filed a petition and you think that you answered something in a way that can hurt you, or you have an order of supervision and have not shown up for your appointment, an immigration attorney can help. Also, if your family member or friend is already in ICE detention, it is recommended that they get an immigration attorney as well to help with their case.

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