More Immigration Raids to Come—How You Can Be Prepared

Do I have the right to speak to an attorney if I have been detained?

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) is warning immigrants in New Jersey and elsewhere to prepare for more immigration raids to come. Already this year, ICE has conducted several major raids in New Jersey, arresting nearly 200 undocumented immigrants.  The rise in arrests represents a 42 percent uptick from previous years. In the wake of New Jersey implementing new rules restricting law enforcement’s interactions with immigrants, now ICE has threatened more raids. The situation in New Jersey mirrors the larger trend nationwide towards more crackdowns on undocumented immigrants.  Now is the time for undocumented immigrants to prepare for potential raids and consult with an immigration attorney to protect themselves and their families. Our immigration lawyers at NPZ Law Group provide you with information as to how you can prepare for a raid below.

Where Do Raids Commonly Occur?

One of the first steps you can take if you are an undocumented immigrant is to avoid a raid in the first place, if at all possible.  Some areas of the country have experienced far more raids than others. The counties with the most ICE community arrests in 2018 include San Bernardino County, California; Dekalb County, Georgia; New York County, New York; Harris County, Texas; San Diego County, California; Los Angeles County, California; and Essex County, New Jersey. ICE raids can occur nearly anywhere, with ICE of late often arresting undocumented immigrants with no criminal records at immigration check-ins or after testifying in court.  ICE can potentially also raid your home or workplace.

What Are My Rights in a Raid?

It is critical that you are your loved ones understand your rights if you are detained in a raid.  Know that you do have the right to remain silent and should invoke this right. You may request to speak with a lawyer. You should prepare in advance and have a business card with the name and number of an immigration lawyer on your person.  Write down your alien registration number, if you have it, and do not sign any documents without first speaking to an attorney.

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