Immigration Raids

It is a tumultuous time for many U.S. immigrants. This presidential administration has put immigration reform and enforcement at the very epicenter of the news on almost a daily basis. There have not only been reforms in immigration law, but also consistent threats of serious repercussions for those who are in the country illegally. A prime example of this is the statements made by President Trump on July 12th that made it clear nationwide immigration raids would take place starting on Sunday, July 14th.

President’s Threat of Mass Immigration Raids Nationwide

President Trump has made it clear that the removal of illegal immigrants from the U.S. is a top priority of his. On July 12th, the president announced that ICE would be conducting mass immigration raids across major cities in the U.S. starting July 14th. While these mass raids never materialized on July 14th, the effects of the announcement on immigrant communities was palpable. Areas of major U.S. cities that are usually vibrant with immigrant activity appeared abandoned. In the wake of the President’s announcement, fear spread quickly and kept many immigrant families inside. Immigration activists tried to alert as many immigrants as possible to the fact that they should not open the door if an immigration agent knocks to be let in. The agents are not authorized to use forceful entry.

This is the second time a threat of mass immigration raids was supposed to occur and the second time the threat failed to materialize into anything above and beyond the normal level of ICE activity. This particular weekend was supposed to be ICE focusing on immigrant families who were in receipt of final orders of removal after failure to appear in court. There are an estimated 2,000 immigrants in the U.S. who fall into this category.

Administration officials, as well as federal law enforcement officials, expressed some unease with the President making such public statements relating to ICE’s operations. As with other law enforcement agencies, ICE depends on secrecy regarding their plans in order to make them most effective and also to protect their agents from harm. The element of surprise is a valuable asset for ICE. 

As for now, the threats of mass immigration raids have been political grandstanding and nothing more. However, the President has made repeated promises to deport millions of immigrants in the U.S. illegally. With such an uncertain future, immigrant advocates are making a concerted effort to inform people of their rights and to prepare things like emergency guardianship for children affidavits in the event that a child is separated from his or her family.

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