1. File the LCA Early: It is never too early to file an LCA. Sure, the employee will lose 4-6 months on the back end, but that is not completely lost by any means. It is better to start filing soonest to avoid iCert issues, business existence issues and general glitches or errors.

2. History: Find out the U.S. immigration history of the Beneficiary. Some people are not aware that they have even had an H-1B before. You may be able to file now to see if their H-1B can be “ported”, and at least you will find out now instead of in the LOTTERY on April 1st.

3. Errors: Unfortunately, errors are fatal during a lottery. Any mistake can cost you the petition – checks, signatures, lack of checking the correct box. Be precise and check and recheck the information.

4. Quality control: For everyone. Get it done early. Don’t put a package together same day as you are sending it out. If you scan items in, review the pdf. Review the shipping label. Do not send to the wrong address. Did the employer move since you last filed a petition for them? Review the details.

5. Filing Fees: If you do not want to write the filing fee checks directly, or you wish to monitor the checks, put the money in the attorney trust account and write checks from the trust account.

6. Don’t hold back: Given the shift toward negative adjudications and the way that USCIS is putting the H-1B under the microscope lately, don’t hold back any information/evidence that could bolster the case.