Expansion of Student Direct Stream to support Francophone immigration

Canada is making the Student Direct Stream (SDS) available to international students coming from Senegal and Morocco, starting September 9, 2019.

The SDS process was launched in 2018 for students applying for study permit from China, India and the Philippines and Vietnam, with an average processing time of less than three weeks. Canada is a top destination for students seeking both a high quality international education and employment in the field of study once they graduate. With Canadian education credentials and skilled work experience in Canada, former international students are well positioned for success in applying for permanent residence through Express Entry.

In addition, since 2017, Express Entry candidates with strong French skills have been able to earn additional ranking points. This provides more opportunity for them to successfully transition to permanent residence and contribute to the vitality and growth of Francophone communities outside Quebec.

Expanding this faster and more efficient application process to prospective students from Senegal and Morocco supports the Government’s Francophone Immigration Strategy to encourage more young French speakers to choose to study in Canada.

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