The Canadian research industry is heavily boosted by international interns. Are you considering doing research in Canada? This could also be a first step to becoming a permanent resident of Canada. Laura Armstrong, of the Ottawa Citizen, writes that Globalink is now Indian’s students first choice when it comes to research experience abroad. Mitacs CEO Arvind Gupta confirms that India was chosen as the program’s pilot country because of its well-funded information technology and life sciences sectors, as well as an ever-expanding number of universities and university students. Offering international students insight into Canada’s research capabilities, said Gupta, will hopefully allow for successful collaborations in the future Globalink has since expanded to Brazil, China and Mexico, with more countries to come, said Gupta. Next year, he said, Canadians students will also have the opportunity to go to do research in the program’s partner countries.

We remind our callers that cnce you have worked in Canada for a year, on a full-time continuous basis, the Canadian Experience Class may be a good program for you to apply for permanent residence. Please contact our Canadian Law Group for more information. You can reach us at