Becoming a Permanent U.S. Resident

How long does it take to obtain a green card?

A green card holder is a permanent U.S. resident who has been granted permission to live and work within our country on a permanent basis.  There are several grounds for receipt of a green card, with the most common including family-based green cards.  Immigrants considering applying for a green card should be aware that the process is a long and complicated one.  It will require filling out many forms, paying fees, submitting documents, and potentially interviews.  Your ability to comply with green card application requirements fully will influence the time to receive your green card.  Our green card immigration attorneys explore the various options that may be available to you for seeking a green card and the average time to receive a green card.

Family Based Green Cards

Family-based green cards comprise the majority of all of the green cards issued. Family-based immigration visas allow family members of U.S. citizens to apply for a green card within the U.S.  Eligible family members include spouses, children, parents and siblings.  There are several different types family-based green cards, and some of them have yearly caps, which will lead to longer wait times.

Immediate relative visas are available to spouses of U.S. citizens, children under the age of 21, adopted orphans, and parents of U.S. citizens over the of 21.  There are no caps on this green card type and it is typically processed within a year.  Family preference visas, on the other hand, have caps and wait types generally exceed one year.  This type of visa is available to older children of U.S. citizens, married children, and siblings.

Employment Based Green Cards

Employment-based green cards are given to sponsored foreign employees.  Annually, 140,000 employment visas are issued to employees in various sectors.  Processing times vary by type of visa, with industries in high demand experiencing the longest wait times.  You can reduce processing times by ensuring you and your employer provide complete and accurate documentation.

These are just a few of the many types of visas available to immigrants desiring to permanently reside in the U.S.  Anyone considering seeking a green card or struggling to obtain a green card should contact our experienced business and corporate immigration lawyers at the NPZ Law Group, P.C.  We offer a high level of client recommendations and strive to ensure all our clients leave our office satisfied.  With our numerous office locations, we can assist clients across the country in a wide array of immigration issues.  Call us at 1-201-670-0006 to schedule your initial consultation today.