Are you Seeking a Temporary Work Visa? Review These Requirements

If you are a foreign national interested in working in the United States, you will need to obtain a work visa in order to be employed legally. The United States offers numerous types of work visas, including temporary and seasonal work visas. The type of visa you will need is dependent on the type of work you wish to perform in the U.S. Foreign nationals exploring work visa options may have many questions about the process and eligibility requirements. The immigration attorneys at NPZ Law Group answer some of your frequently asked questions about nonimmigrant visas below.

Do I need an employer sponsor to seek a temporary work visa?

Temporary work visas are available for those who want to enter the U.S. for employment for a limited amount of time.  Categories of temporary work visas include H-1B visas for individuals who work in specialty occupations, H-2A visas for those who perform temporary agricultural work, and H-2B visas for temporary workers in nonagricultural fields, among many others.

Most employment based temporary work visas will require an employer sponsor.  Contact an immigration attorney for more information on the specific temporary visa that you will seek.  Generally, your employer sponsor will need to file for the nonimmigrant visa on your behalf with USCIS.

Do I need a passport to pursue a temporary agricultural work visa?

Any person seeking to enter the United States to perform temporary agricultural work under a H-2A visa will need a valid passport.  Previously, several countries were exempt from this requirement.  Now, the U.S. requires all visa applicants to have a valid passport, as well the spouse or child of a temporary nonimmigrant worker.

Will I need to complete an interview to receive my visa?

For applicants between the ages of 14 and 79, you will usually need to undergo a visa interview.    All visa applicants should schedule an appointment for their visa interview, generally at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

Are there limits on how many foreign workers can receive a nonimmigrant visa?

Several types of nonimmigrant visas are subject to caps.  For example, only 65,000 temporary visas for skilled workers (H-1B visas) will be issued during a fiscal year.  Similarly, the cap is set to 66,000 visas per year for temporary nonagricultural (H-2B) visas.

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