A GOP effort to gain immigration votes

Speaker Paul Ryan has dismissed an effort by a group of House Republicans to go around the normal legislative process and force floor votes on a pack of immigration proposals.

“We never want to turn the floor over to the minority. What I don’t want to do is have a process that just ends up with a veto,” Ryan said at his weekly news conference, after being asked about the discharge petition — a maneuver that can be used to force votes on the House floor.

A small group of centrist Republicans filed a discharge petition on May 9, 2018 that would trigger a series of floor votes on different immigration proposals if 218 lawmakers sign on. If every Democrat gets onboard, 25 Republicans would have to defy GOP leadership to force a floor debate. As of the afternoon of May 10, 2018, 18 Republicans had signed on.

The Wisconsin Republican said that Republicans want to solve the DACA problem and find a bill that can garner 218 votes. He said that the bill would need to be bipartisan, but emphasized that it must be one that President Donald Trump would sign.

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