The Most Common Visa Application Errors

When you start researching your visa options, you may quickly start to feel overwhelmed. The visa selection and application process can be seen as completely inaccessible to those who are not familiar with it. Before you start your U.S. Immigration application, be aware of some of the most common visa application errors so that you can avoid them.

Visa Application Errors to Look Out For

Most visa application errors can be avoided by paying close attention to the exact information and documents that are requested. Take care to provide all the information that is requested and do so in the prescribed format. One of the most common visa application errors includes proving incorrect details on the visa application form itself. For instance, be sure that all the information you supply on your application aligns with that which is provided by documents such as your passport. Failing to provide your name as it appears exactly on your passport will likely delay your visa application process. Double-check that your passport number and date of birth are also correct on your application. Many people make the mistake of providing information on their application which is inconsistent with official travel documents or proof of identity such as a passport.

Be sure to fill out your application completely. Leaving a question or section blank on a visa application is a common error and can result in the application being immediately rejected. Wait to submit your application until it is completely filled out and you are able to provide support for all of the answers you supplied.

Additionally, be sure so check the specific requirements for supporting documentation that is required. For instance, some countries will require that visa applicants submit duly attested bank statements. It is a common visa application error for an applicant to fail to observe the bank attestation requirement. While bank statements are still submitted often, the attestation requirement is commonly overlooked. The bank statement attestation requirement is an important one as it is a critical element of your visa application. The statement acts as proof of your financial ability to travel and the health of your credit. Also, ensure that your application photo meets the required specifications. Sometimes a photo taken within the past 3 months is required.

Another common visa application error is applying for the wrong category of visa. Take care to decide what type of visa is most appropriate for you. This can be difficult if your trip is intended to be for both business and pleasure. Consider other factors such as whether your company will be completely or partially funding the trip. If that is the case, a business visa will probably be most appropriate.

Finally, always double-check when your passport is set to expire. A visa will be denied if your passport is not going to be valid for a minimum of 6 more months. Additionally, do not forget that the signature on your application must be an exact match for the one on your passport.

Visa Application Attorneys

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