Trump Revokes Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans

What would a grant of temporary protected status mean for fleeing Venezuelans?

In the midst of the government shutdown and ongoing debate over building a wall between the United States and Mexico, another immigration issue is gaining attention.  Recently, two Florida Congressmen introduced a bipartisan bill in the House which would allow Venezuelans who flee their country and come to the United States to receive temporary protected status from deportation.  Venezuela is in a state of political crisis.  A Venezuelan opposition leader recently declared himself Interim President, a move coming after several violent protests.  The chaos has led many Venezuelans to seek refuge elsewhere.  Thus far, over three million Venezuelans have sought refuge in nearby countries like Columbia, Peru, and Ecuador.

The Venezuelan Temporary Protected Status Act of 2019.

If passed, the Venezuelan Temporary Protected Status Act of 2019 (the “Bill”) would allow fleeing Venezuelans to legally remain and work within the U.S.  They would be eligible to receive employment authorization and to travel without restrictions, even re-entering the U.S.  The TPS would last for 18 months with the possibility of renewal.  

Supporters of the Bill are hopeful the President will accept this move.  President Trump has been forceful in his sanctions towards Venezuela, and the grant of TPS status would be in-line with this stance.  The Bill has bipartisan support, which could greatly assist in its passage.  However, the Bill could be met with opposition given that the current administration has made a push towards reducing the number of groups who are allowed temporary protected status.

Since the inception of Trump’s Presidency, the Administration has attempted to end Temporary Protected Status for people from Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Sudan living within the U.S.  Some 300,000 people have lost their protected status, leaving them vulnerable to deportation.

If you or a loved one is seeking refuge in the U.S. from Venezuela, it is important to stay abreast of the newly proposed Bill.  Should the Bill pass, you will want to consult with our immigration lawyers at NPZ Law Group, P.C.  Our firm offers the highest levels of client satisfaction and can assist you in successfully seeking TPS protections.

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