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The practice of immigration law is very complex and should be approached with great care and attention to detail. If you are seeking legal counsel for an immigration law issue, you want to take steps to ensure your case is being handled by someone who will do the best possible job for you. While selecting the right immigration attorney can seem challenging, here are some questions you should be asking to help guide you in the right direction.

Questions For Your Immigration Attorney

At an initial meeting with a potential immigration attorney, there are a few questions you should get answers to. For starters, you want to work with a law firm that focuses its practice on immigration law. This means that they prioritize immigration issues and are more likely to work to remain as up to date as possible on immigration issues.

You will want to ask whether the attorney has experience handling a case like yours. Experience is powerful. Immigration law covers a wide spectrum of issues, from deportation defense to green cards and visas. Ask the attorney about his or her experience with handling your particular type of case.

Ask the attorney whether he or she will be the person to oversee your case through to its resolution. Be clear as to who at the firm will be handling what aspects of your case. While support staff often plays a valuable role in legal cases, you should know who is working on your case and who to contact should you have any questions.

You may also find it beneficial to ask how the attorney can help you. While this may seem to be a broad question, the answer provided can be very valuable. It can provide you with insight into how the attorney communicates and explains things to clients. It lets you see first-hand how the attorney can think on his or her feet, a valuable skill should your case ever requiring any kind of hearing. The answer can also clarify what will be happening should the attorney take on your case. What tasks will be handled regarding your case? Will you be responsible for filing certain or all paperwork? Will you be represented at any hearings? These are all great questions to clarify things with and help set your expectations.

In line with the above questions to help manage your expectations, you should also ask your immigration attorney about the estimated timeline of your case. This will help you prepare for the journey ahead. Having a general sense of the timeline for your case can provide peace of mind as you travel what can seem to be a very long road.

You also want to be clear with your attorney about how they charge clients. Get the details about how the attorney bills and for how much. You will also want to know when fees are due for payment.

Immigration Law Attorneys

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