Skip the Line at the Border: Use Our Online Immigration Services

As travel increases, the demand for immigration services at border crossings has surged. Fortunately, many essential immigration services are now available online, allowing you to bypass the wait and get your documents processed efficiently.

Immigration Services at the Border

While some temporary residents opt for “flagpoling”—leaving Canada and re-entering within 24 hours to receive immigration services—this practice often results in long wait times and uncertainty. We strongly recommend utilizing IRCC’s online services to ensure a smoother and faster process.

Convenient Online Services

Whether you need to renew your work or study permit, extend your temporary resident status, or confirm your permanent residency, you can do it all online. By planning ahead and applying through our online portal, you can avoid the hassle of visiting a port of entry.

Benefits of Applying Online

Applying online offers numerous advantages:

  • Quick Processing: Submit your application in advance and receive your new permit by mail before the current one expires.
  • Maintained Status: If your current permit expires while your application is being processed, you can continue to work or study under “maintained status.”

Available Services Online

  • Become a permanent resident
  • Extend temporary resident status
  • Obtain a new work or study permit
  • Renew a work or study permit

Find the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) application or form you need on our website.

Providing Biometric Information

To provide your biometric information, book an appointment using the eServiceCanada Appointment Booking Tool or find a nearby collection site.

At NPZ Law Group, our U.S. and Canadian lawyers seek to assist clients with regard to employment and family immigration issues. If you or your friends or family should have any questions about any aspect of U.S. and Canadian Immigration Law, please feel free to contact us at or you can call our office at 201-670-0006 (ext. 104). We look forward to being able to assist you.